Sunday, 11 September 2016

On Bill's Telly: North Korea

Went round to Bill's house. There was this show on about this North Korean family living in Pyongyang. It was quite an old documentary and was before they'd spruced up the place a bit. It all looked a bit depressing - it looked like a mid-sized Northern town. Anyway about halfway through they started watching the news on the telly.
     "I wonder what our Dear Leader is up to today."
     "I don't know but I'm very excited to find out."
     The Dear Leader wasn't up to all that much in the end. Most of the people outside of North Korea thought he was dead and had been replaced by a stuntman, but the way they watched the news got me thinking about the other night at Bill's house. That show Question Time was on. People from the audience asked questions to the politicians about what they were going to do about the immigrants and the NHS and all that. The politicians said all the usual stuff. As the show progressed Bill got himself caught up in the action.
     "What a fucking Tory cunt." He said at one point toward the end.
     "The clue's in the title you fucking idiot. Its called Question Time. Whenever some pissbag in the audience doesn't ask a question but just makes some impassioned statement instead that Dimbleby should do his job properly and just say 'Not a fucking question. Next.'"
     Although the North Korean thing was filmed and the family probably didn't want to be seen shouting "fucking cunt" at the screen in case the Dear Leader ever heard about it, it was unlikely that this kind of thing ever happened in the hermit kingdom. Sometimes, seeing Bill fuming in front of the screen made me want to move there.

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